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Hey Guys,


Following the controversial issues we've been discussing in class, I thought Euthanasia would be an interesting topic. We've already been talking about it on Saturday morning class, but anyway it's quite controversial and interesting.

What do you think of Euthanasia?


But what is it? Read the following text to understand it better.




Euthanasia:The word "euthanasia" comes straight out of the Greek -- "eu", goodly or well + "thanatos", death = the good death -- and for 18th-century writers in England that was what euthanasia meant, a "good" death, a welcome way to depart quietly and well from life.

The most commonly understood meaning of euthanasia today is more than the old dictionary definition of dying well -- a good and easy death. It refers, for example, to the situation when a doctor induces the death with a lethal injection, of a patient who is suffering unrelievably and has persistently requested the doctor to do so.

Suicide, whether irrational or rational, for unrelated reasons is not euthanasia. Nor is the forced killing of another person.

The Netherlands is the only country in the world where euthanasia is openly practiced. It is not specifically allowed by statute, but Dutch law accepts a standard defense from doctors who have adhered to official guidelines. These guidelines hinge on the voluntariness of the request and the unrelievable-ness of the suffering. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are defined by the State Commission on Euthanasia. Euthanasia is the intentional termination of life by somebody other than the person concerned at his or her request. Assisted suicide means intentionally helping a patient to terminate his or her life at his or her request.

Under Dutch law euthanasia is the termination of life by a doctor at the express wish of a patient. The request to the doctor must be voluntary, explicit and carefully considered and it must have been made repeatedly. Moreover, the patient's suffering must be unbearable and without any prospect of improvement.

Pain relief administered by a Dutch doctor may shorten a patient's life. As is the case in other countries, in this is seen as a normal medical decision in terminal care and not as euthanasia.

Euthanasia is a matter of continuing controversy, a tinderbox for debate, an issue on which positions range widely and include enthusiastic advocacy, guarded acceptance, outright rejection, and vehement condemnation, equating euthanasia with murder.

From: http://www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=7365 


Well then, do you think euthanasia could solve some of the public health problems we have in Brazil? How?


If you were a doctor or a nurse and one of your pacients were suffering unrelievably and asked you to give him a lethal injection? Would you do so?


What if the patient was someone in your family and he/she asked the doctor to turn off the machines that were keeping him/her alive, and the doctor asked your permission to do that. Would you allow him/her to turn off the machines?


And if it were you who were in a bed with an incurable disease and with no pain at all, but also with no movements either. Would you rather die or would you want to be kept alive?


Now, watch the following video.



By providing a "good death" to his wife, do you think the man gave her a proof of his love or not? Why?


These ar the lyrics of the song just for you to enjoy. I loved it!!





There is a house built out of stone
Wooden floors, walls and window sills...
Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust..
This is a place where I don't feel alone
This is a place where I feel at home.......

Cause, I built a home
for you
for me

Until it disappeared
from me
from you

And now, it's time to leave and turn to dust........

Out in the garden where we planted the seeds
There is a tree as old as me
Branches were sewn by the color of green
Ground had arose and passed it's knees

By the cracks of the skin I climbed to the top
I climbed the tree to see the world
When the gusts came around to blow me down
I held on as tightly as you held onto me
I held on as tightly as you held onto me......

Cause, I built a home
for you
for me

Until it disappeared
from me
from you

And now, it's time to leave and turn to dust........


Well, this might be our last Forum this semester. I hope you join and enjoy it. In fact, I hope you have enjoyed all the work we've been doing through this semester. For me, I think it was good for a first experience. I know I could have assisted you more often and more effectively, but I also know that you have never had a better opportunity to practice writing and I'm sure the ones who have participated actively have had a great improving in their written ability.

Again, if you participate in the foruns you won't need to take any tests, but the listening one. If you choose not to take part in it, we'll need to do it in class.


See you then



Comments (30)

Thais said

at 1:48 pm on Jun 12, 2011

Well, I'm not sure if euthanasia would solve some of the public health problems. I think this is not a good way to deal with lives, 'cause it envolves love, emotion, family and the person's live.
If I were a nurse or a doctor and a patient asked me to do that I would talk to his/ her family to know what their position is. I could never resolve it by myself, because turning off the machines is more complicated than we think. I can't imagine myself killing someone, even in this way. Again, I don't know what I would do if someone of family asked the doctors to turn off the machines. In some life's problems we cannot imagine what our reaction would be. Now I can say I wouldn't let my mom, daddy, brother or daughter to die, but in fact, my reaction could be different.
As I said in class, if my brain had no movements at all, I would prefer to die, but if it was working, I'd prefer to be alive.
In class when we were talking about this I remembered a song that I like that is about euthasia. The coincidence is that the owners of the song are dutches, where euthanasia is legal. It's called In Sickness 'Till Death Do Us Part: All Goodbyes Are Said by ReVamp.

Thais said

at 1:49 pm on Jun 12, 2011

The lyrics:

Let me go
Say all your goodbyes
Accept my death (as I did)
Inevitable for all life

No! I can't! This comes way too soon!
How can I let go of you now?

Goodbye, I'm free now!
Don't grieve! I'm gone, let me go!
My death ment peace for me!

Let me go
But keep me alive
Within your heart (memories)
And promise me that I'll remain

In my very soul you'll live on,
Even when I let go you're still there
A piece of myself will die with you, but let go, end your pain

Feel no grief
Embrace salvation

My pain is gone
While yours goes on (just began)
But live your life (for me too)

Goodbye, I'm free now!
Don't grieve! I'm gone, let me go!
My death ment my peace
When all goodbyes are said
Farewell! This ends here!
Don't mourn. I'm free, let me go!
I found peace in my death


Thais said

at 1:50 pm on Jun 12, 2011

And this one too:

In Sickness 'Till Death Do Us Part: Disgraced
Composição : Floor Jansen

My eyes stay shut
My mouth won't speak anymore
Feel, that's all that I do
Hear, all I have left
I pray, if it helps, in my silence; end my pain please

Crawl into my skin
See into my hell

My heart won't love anymore
It beats the time away
Stop, that's all that I ask
Free my tortured body
Slip gracefully into my death, my salvation

Crawl into my skin
See into my hell (live without a life)
My heart won't give in
Machines keep me here (crawl into my pain)
A shade of myself
A human disgrace
Please let me go

The sound of machines
They talk about me
More pain, needles sting
I slide away
A white light's piercing my skull,
The nurses wipe my drewl
A day passes by
A perfect one to die

wandrieli said

at 6:26 pm on Jun 13, 2011

I agree with Thais, If a patience ask me to do this, I will ask and talk to his/her family, because this is a important decision.

wandrieli said

at 6:27 pm on Jun 13, 2011

Sorry - patient not patience :)

wandrieli said

at 6:34 pm on Jun 13, 2011

If I am the patient I would ask to my family wait for me just 2 years, because I think It will be too hard go to the hospital and have hope that I will recover and in the end I will never do this! :/

wandrieli said

at 6:42 pm on Jun 13, 2011

Changing the subject - since it is our last participation here, I think It will be interesting if we (everybody here) change our twitter, facebook, or other social networks to continue talking in English... What do you think???

So my twitter and facebook are both: "wandrieli" :)
These are the links:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wandrieli
Twitter: http://twitter.com/wandrieli


Raianne LC said

at 8:25 pm on Jun 13, 2011

Hi, everybody. I'm sad coz it's our last discussion, but I'm much happier 'cause we're finishing other level.

Euthanasia is a very controversial issue, though people don’t discuss it so much. I think every subject which involves religion is so complicate. How can I argue with someone who believes in soul or destiny?

Euthanasia is not “community issue”; it is individual. We can’t really discuss it, because, thank God, we don’t fit in euthanasia’s case.

I think if someone is suffering, only he or she knows how his pain is. So, just he can decide.

Mayara said

at 6:16 pm on Jun 16, 2011

I agree with Raianne Euthanasia is a controversial issue and it's really complicate to discuss, because just like she said involves religion, that it's also complicate.
But, if I were a doctor 'n a pacient in those situations asked me I probably would do it, in fact in all the three situations I would prefer the euthanasia. I just can't see anyone in pain, if I can help n if the euthanasia is the only way, I'll do it...

Nathália Melo said

at 12:03 pm on Jun 17, 2011

Hello everyoody!!
*Well,aswering the questions I do not think the euthanasia could solve the public health in Brazil.First of all, I'm totally against of euthanasia and the problems in Brazil are associated with bad distribution and bad application of the public money.Euthasia is a difficult topic to talk about,because involves science and faith but it is necessary to the people and the government to talk about it because it is of interest to both parties.
*If I was a doctor or a nurse and my pacient asked me to give him a lethal injection I could never do it.People when a person graduate to be a nurse or a doctor,they make a swearing to care for and protect human life.How a person who did this swearing could give to a pacient a lethal injection??That would be a total controversy to the precepts of medicine.
*For the third question,I could not do it...And if I had allowed and tomorrow the cientists discovered the cure of the disease??How I will fell myself??Even if someone in my family asked to that I would feel bad.
*I would want to be kept alive.

wandrieli said

at 1:02 pm on Jun 17, 2011

Well I disagree, because If the patient want this, we can't change her/his option... If he/she want, the best thing to do is accept his/her decision!

Nathália Melo said

at 3:35 pm on Jun 24, 2011

Girls we have to remember that the people are different and that way is how you think ..But there are some people that can not support a loss like that...Imagine this happening with your mother or father...I guess that depends of the importance that people have in our lives...I can't imagine me saying to the doctors to turn off the machines of my mom or dad...They are still alive,aren't they??I know that they are alive because of the machines but there is still a live here.


at 4:44 pm on Jun 17, 2011

I totaly agree with you Nathália! It's horrible think if we decide to turn off the machines and after that cientists discover the cure for that disease!

Raianne LC said

at 5:42 pm on Jun 18, 2011

It's innocent think the cure would be discover one day after we had turned off the machine.
I agree with you, my dear neighbor, it's horrible. But I wouldn't feel horrible for a long time.

Nathália Melo said

at 3:36 pm on Jun 24, 2011

I 'm sorry Raianne but I do not think that is innocent..Everything is possible.. :(


at 4:37 pm on Jun 17, 2011

Euthanasia couldn't solve any public health problem in Brazil, because here health problems are more than a few people on a bed almost dying! Maybe to finish with corruption money could go to the right place and the government give to population better study and basic sanitation and it certainly will reduce health problems.
Of course if I were a doctor I wouldn't end of someones life! If the patient asked, if the family asked too, I'll not turn off machines or give him/her a lethal injection.
If the patient was someone in my family I wouldn't agree to the doctor turn off the machines!
Because I believe it's not a kind of thing that one person have to decide, neither about their life!
If the patient were me I definitely wanted to be kept alive! Just see my children growing up give me wishes to live.
The way he treated her was lovely! With a lot of afection, carrying her to places and taking care of her. I think he gave her a proof of his love!


at 5:00 pm on Jun 17, 2011

There is another thing that discussion about Euthanasia make me think about. How much we complain about our life! We have almost everything (health, family, love) and we are never satisfied! Nobody have everything, and nobody needs everything to be happy! Sometimes we have to look to the others life and see how unsatisfied we are! Let’s just be happy! Let’s always see the good side of what’s happening with us! Let’s complain less! Let’s love more and trying to make others happy too!

Raianne LC said

at 5:48 pm on Jun 18, 2011

Euthanasia can't solve public problems! Euthanasia is an individual solution, the way to make the pain stop forever.
If I were suffering for a long time, without hope or without a friend, I would prefer to die.

I'm not saying we're going to kill everyone who's suffering, far from it. I'm saying people have to decide their destiny.

Julia da Silva said

at 3:30 pm on Jun 20, 2011

Well, euthanasia is a very, very controversial issue. It's hard to have a general opinion because it is an issue about life and life almost always includes religious opinions. I am one of these people that have a reliogious opinion about euthanasia: I completely desagree with euthanasia. If I am a doctor or a nurse I would not take out a pacient's life, also with he/she asked me. I know that are horrible diseases and sometimes people suffer a lot, but I just won't get do this with a conscience. I would feel myself like a killer. If the pacient were someone in my family it would be more difficult, because we love the people who are living with us in the world and, at the same time that you don't want see that person suffering, you don't want to let him/her leave. If I were the pacient, I want believe that I would not like to die. I say that I want to believe in that, because I can't say that I won't,absolutely, want to die. It's easy to say that is silly give up to live, but if were us living in a bed, sometimes without talk and another basic things that everybody can do, what were we felling? I don't know. But, I disagree with euthanasia because I think that there are things in the world that we don't know, we are not alone, by ourselves, and we can't ignore that. Sometimes, I can think that something is impossible, that a person never will come back to life, but I can't be sure of it, because I don't command the universe, I just have not how to know if is the moment or not for someone's deth.

Lucas Rodrigues Silva said

at 1:46 am on Jun 22, 2011

I agree with Raianne about the fact that ethanasia has nothing to do with a public health case. If every single person who faces difficulty in hospitals commited suicide, we would run out of ground to bury everyone. Euthanasia is a question for fragile special cases of diseases, when there's no other way out. And by the way, I'm against it. It wouldn't make any difference in my decision if a had a patient that were not a relative of mine and if he were. The quite difference is that if I didn't know the person and weren't sucessful in my trying to make him/her giving up of 'giving up', I would call another doctor to do the job, because I wouldn't. If I were in the hospital bed waiting for my time, I would like someone who stood next to me and gave me every day some reason to believe and stay alive. In the movie, they spent lots of time together, happy times. Until now I can't understand why not to think about this times before taking its own life. He could have been happier with her, than alone. It would probably help her.

Davi Ângelo do Rêgo Negreiros said

at 11:39 pm on Jun 22, 2011

I totally agree with Lucas, for me the choice to die do not belong to us, on the religious side, God shaw decide when we should die, but sometimes we need to know when we should have mercy, just like in the WWII when a soldier carrying a flame thrower was reached in the gas tanks, the gasoline burned his body and his partner should kill him to stop his suffering, that case the Euthanasia would help, that’s what I believe, but when someone is quadriplegic and think that he lost the battle, he should die, no! that’s not correction if it`s happened to me I would be dissipated but all of us have a family who love us, so when someone decide to die he should decide based on his family agreement to.

Jaime said

at 8:00 pm on Jun 23, 2011

I disagree and agree with davi , you are the master of your destiny, but god too.The euthanasia couldn't help Brazil with their health problems.The right thing would be more investment in health care and close supervision to really know if everything is correct.If I were a doctor, probably, first I will see if didn't have more hope to pacient,second I will ask to family and If family agree I will give the lethal injection.I would do the same If I were the family, If have hope I will never accept the euthanasia.If I were me who were in a bed with an incurable disease and with no pain at all, but also with no movements either,to me, I was already dead, so, I will prefer the euthanasia.

Davi Ângelo do Rêgo Negreiros said

at 9:14 pm on Jun 23, 2011

But today with the researches in the stem cell area, the impossible is becoming possible, so an incurable disease no longer can be incurable, the important is: there is always hope.

Laís Gomes said

at 11:46 pm on Jun 23, 2011

This theme is so complicate, because we are talking about lives. I disagree of euthanasia, I think we should leave our body says when we have to die. I don’t see any relation between euthanasia and the public health in Brazil. And like Edna Mara said, the health problems are more than a few people on a bed almost dying.

If I were a doctor probably this question would be resolved by medical Ethics Committee together the family of the patient and not by me. If I could do the patient live more I would do.

I don’t know what I should do in a situation that someone needs my permission to die; probably I would ask for the doctor does everything for this person lives more. And I wouldn't agree to the doctor turn off the machines.

If was me, I would want to live until my body stop by itself. Everyone will die, so the decision of life does not belong to anyone. Is better leave the time say when it is going to happen.

Heloísa Ravena said

at 3:46 am on Jun 24, 2011

I agree with Laís. We are talking about lives, and it's to difficult and polemic theme to talk about.
I don't agree with the idea that euthanasia could solve any problems wih health public. Here, we have to do more doctors available to care of people all time; we need more places where to put people who need of public hospital.
If I were a doctor I probably would't turn off the machines, but I would talk with the family together the patient to decide what to do, because only he/she would know what would be felling.
I don't allow, because our body can react at any time, so we don't know the exactly moment when it'll happen.
I love my life because I can go and do a lot of things, without helped, but I don't know if I would love to stay stopping until the finish of my life.

I think we can't talk a lot about it. Only people that are on this situation really obtain discussing with wisdom. We only have a little notion.

Heloísa Ravena said

at 3:48 am on Jun 24, 2011

*...to stay stopped.

Júlia Contaifer said

at 3:21 pm on Jun 24, 2011

I also believe that euthanasia is definitely a very difficult issue to be discussed, because it involves religion ...
In my case I think I´ve changed my point of view about this subject, I believe that only God can decide the death of someone and I still think that euthanasia is not the only option, like Davi said medicine has evolved and what was impossible became possible.
Well if I were a doctor or nurse I wouldn´t perform the procedure under any circumstances, I wouldn´t feel good thinking that I might have caused the death of someone even more if a cure was discovered in the future. Euthanasia is a path of no return.
If it was me who was in bed and my brain function was maintained I would not resort to euthanasia, I would ask the doctors to give me drugs to relieve any pain, but I wouldn´t consider giving up as an option, I would expect my last breath of life ,that could somehow keep me fighting, to be taken.
Euthanasia is not a type of mass solution , it is to specific cases in which there is no other solution.
ps: if this perhaps is the last forum ,then I couldn´t waste this opportunity to thank you all for the semester! It was a great experience to have known you ALL!
=*** Se ya!

Thais said

at 8:04 pm on Jun 24, 2011

Teacher, what do you mean when you say "public health problems"? Do you mean about the public cost keeping them alive?

Mercaldi said

at 1:20 am on Jun 25, 2011

(sorry about those reply up there, but i can't erase) Well about euthanasia it is complicated to have a very strong opinion when it comes to killing another human, be it healthy or near death

As most here already said, I hardly believe that is the solution of our problems here in Brazil, but we never know ...

As a doctor I do not know if I have the courage (to speak by the feeling side) but I do professionalbecause if on the contrary, I would want my last wish. but logical that before any action would have the consent of my family before.

At the side of the family, it is hard to see someone ask to die, I think, would look if he is still able to have a normal life, if all responses were negative, and I really felt that this request was made with a certain lucidity in your mind, I think I would.

And finally as a patient, if I had cituaçao in a terminal in which I had no more likely to continue a life in which I could follow on, YES, then I would prefer not to live.

bruna said

at 1:18 am on Jul 1, 2011

- If you were a doctor or a nurse and one of your pacients were suffering unrelievably and asked you to give him a lethal injection? Would you do so?
A: Yes, I think that every person knows what is best for themselves. Or even better, I think that they have authority over their bodys. If they are suffering and prefers death than still alive, we should gave they this right.

-What if the patient was someone in your family and he/she asked the doctor to turn off the machines that were keeping him/her alive, and the doctor asked your permission to do that. Would you allow him/her to turn off the machines?
A: Of course I allow. The person is not having a good life stuck in bed, the person is unhappy, why I should decide to make she/he live in a nightmare? If the person thinks that death is better than be bedridden, I allow to turn the machines off.

-And if it were you who were in a bed with an incurable disease and with no pain at all, but also with no movements either. Would you rather die or would you want to be kept alive?
A: It depends, If I were with no pain and some possibility for improvement I'd rhater to be alive and fight to have a better life, but if I didn't have this possibility, and didn't have happiness in be alive, I would not expect a miracle and probably rather die.

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