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Forum 5 - How important communication is

Page history last edited by Luciana Caldeira 10 years, 4 months ago

Hi dear,

I'm sorry for being so distant, but I have been very busy and couldn't post anything lately.


After you watch the following video, post your comments and impressions. You can also tell stories related to the importance of communicating effectively, or even your definitions of effective communication.


I hope you enjoy the movie and if you discover anything about it (as you did about the movie "Apricot"), you can also let everybody know through this page.


How important was communication for the characters in the movie?


See you later!!!


Comments (18)

Rebecca said

at 10:10 pm on Jun 8, 2011

Jason is a lonely man, so I think that communication is really important to him. At the begining of the video he almost doesn't communicate with anyone, cause' he is lonely and shy. When he found a way to communicate with the woman and he started to communicate with her, he became happier but he can't talk with her face to face. I think shy people have this problem, they can communicate well when they don't have to have contact, and some ways to communicate, like IM, are a very good way to people like Jason try to communicate.

wandrieli said

at 2:37 pm on Jun 10, 2011

Communication can bring a lot of good and bad things for us... To know how to communicate is very important to have a good and nice life.

Communication is not only to talk to people around you, it is more than it. You have many different ways to have a communication, like using signs, smiles, touches and others, you just have to know how to do these!

Communication can change our lives, like jason's life that changed just because a nice communication. :D

Mayara said

at 8:54 pm on Jun 16, 2011

Wonderful video!!!!!

Just like for the characters all kinds of comunication are very important. Sometimes we're such stuck in the routine that we forget that a simple smile,expression or even a word can make our life much easy and fun, and that we can't blame people around us for whatever had happened with us.
Just remember if you give a smile you'll probably gonna win it!!!! :)


at 4:34 pm on Jun 17, 2011

It´s a beautiful video that show us how much inportant communication is. Maybe that guy had communication problems, maybe he was a shy guy, always afraid to start to talk with someone. But there are many ways to tell to someone what we think or feel; communication is more than speak words. Today we have a lot of techynologycal tools to make our communication better and more efficient, but we can use too many signs, ways to look at, ways to move a body; we can say to a person what do we want just being on silence too! I think communication make living together happens! Can you imagine how strange would be a society without communication?! Of course society would'nt exist!!!

Laís Gomes said

at 8:49 pm on Jun 18, 2011

I really like this video; it shows for us who the human have a lot of different ways to communicate. The communication is the interchange between everybody and it is important to start and improve social relation. So the human communication can be used with symbols, and in these ways Jason and Stacey started a good conversation writing in a paper, and were not necessary the verbal communicate. Nowadays is much common seeing people talking by internet, so it really works. For shy people is easier to talk to someone like this than personally.

Nathália Melo said

at 11:05 pm on Jun 19, 2011

That video is increaditable!!!And I think the communication is very important for all the people in the world..That's why we have so many types of communication (like verbal,body,facial etc)..So in the video Jason found a different why to communicated with the girl and that works..I think everyone whom do not know a way to communicate one day find that way because the biggest part of the things in the world needs a way of communication..
Kisses* :D

Julia da Silva said

at 4:56 pm on Jun 20, 2011

Oh, God, that is so cute! When Jason did'nt see her at the windon I thougth that all was lost! This video is so amazing, it teaches so many things. At first, we have to communicate with others. When Jason began to "talk" with Stacey he was so much happier. We need proximity, conversation, affection, it's impossible live alone. And sometimes we forget this, we are living in a city with a million of people aroud us, but we don't talk with them; we work, study, take the bus with the same person every day and we don't know even her name. Other interesting thing, we have to pay more attention to this expression: don't let to do tomorrow what you can do today! Jason could never seem Stacey again and he would have lost one special oportunity in his life. Sometimes we are afraid of people's reaction and we lose oportunities in our lifes. And finaly, it's so beautiful the way that they talking. We don't talk just saying something. We can talk, writing a letter, a song; huging, kissing, giving attention, taking care...

Laís Gomes said

at 7:59 pm on Jun 21, 2011

This video shows us the positive side of the use of non oral communication, but we can see a bad side of non communication too. Nowadays, this is being reality that the families don’t talk about things but this is important to improve a great relationship; so we are probably losing family’s base.
Consequently mothers and fathers don’t know what is happening with their children, and is in this moment that they do wrong’s thing, because they don’t have a great base. This video shows us when Jason’s family calls him, but we see that they don’t know how he is sad.
That is why is so important we rescue this oral communication and use other ways that leaves this more easy, like facial and body.

Davi Ângelo do Rêgo Negreiros said

at 8:27 pm on Jun 21, 2011

That’s so cute, even for me! Nice movie.
The communication of the characters ate totally different form de common way, communication is important anyway, but we are improving our skills, principal example: internet language, also known as msn language, We can reduce or replace words with numbers, other way to chat is the Morse code, is common used by militaries to send orders to others facilities, just like this: -- .- … - . .-. .---- .--. .-. --- .-.. .. -.--…- .- …(master 1 pró línguas),interesting isn’t it? We evolved to communicate, so our main propose in this world is to interact with each other, communicate, or we can back to the Stone Age.

Lucas Rodrigues Silva said

at 4:03 am on Jun 23, 2011

It's really interesting how Jason's behavior changes by the moment Stacey starts to communicate with him. This kind of action seems to make him more free and relaxed. Probably he would be a different person after falling in love with her.

Jaime said

at 7:02 pm on Jun 23, 2011

Humans are socializables.This ocurred because for the propagation of the specie,we need the socialization.when an individual is alone just getting upset and prone to an easier death. In the video Jason had these features until meet stacey.They communicate by paper and end of the video stacy still wants this type of communication with Jason.Often despise the others forms of communication, but this is wrong. Every type of communication has equal importance being verbal, electronic, by paper (as in video), etc.Without communication what is the meaning of life?!Every time that we communicate with someone, something changes, we gain a new perspective, a new happiness or unhappiness.Without communication we not exist.

Davi Ângelo do Rêgo Negreiros said

at 8:23 pm on Jun 23, 2011

Yes Jaime,you are right, communication is the top of our evolution, everything we are and everything we can do today comes from communication.

Morgana Bennett said

at 12:46 pm on Jun 24, 2011

Nice video! In the beguins I was afraid about what going to happens, but in the end I be happy ;). I think the video shows how important comunicate it is, don't import how you are going to comunicate, because comunicate isn't just talk, have good another ways to comunicate too! The guy in the movie is shy and the oters peolpe is all the time to busy and they don't have time to say the simple words, like good morning, good afternoon or good night, or just smille for the person who are close it you. In same places the people are the same way the video and I think that is very sad! But here in Brazil I don't believe the people are this way, here the people are very happy and they like the talk.

Júlia Contaifer said

at 3:12 pm on Jun 24, 2011

This video was so sweet! *-* The human being was not created to live alone . And it´s really important to maintain contact with other people, we can change the way we think and create our own
ideas, reaffirm or change our personalities. Communication is a way to tell people around what you think and how you feel. And it´s not a privilege of the ones called normal.
There are many ways to express ourselves, it could be by words, drawings, looks, signs (Braille, sign language ...) ... Our blog is a great example, here we can share
ideas,know what our colleagues think about a subject, including those who we do not talk much to, or who study on different days ..When talking about comunication
there are no barriers, you can always find a way to relate with others and you can see it anywhere you look, even animals find ways to interact with
themselves and with the environment around them.

Thais said

at 8:00 pm on Jun 24, 2011

Really nice!!! ahaha I was already angry when she desappeared ... hahaha
That guy is shy and lonely. I think this video shows how difficult is to live without communication. His life changes when he starts to communicate with that girl through a paper. He gets excited to see her. To ask her to meet was really difficult to him.
Communication is the door to the world.
I have already been shy and I don't know why I was like that, 'cause I wasnt when I was a child and I don't remember how I changed, but one thing I can say, it's too hard to live afraid of people's and your own reactions. It's strange. People sometimes think I'm shy, but I'm not, nowadays I just like to say anything when I think it's important. I hate those people that talk too much, smile too much.... without necessity.

Mercaldi said

at 1:49 am on Jun 25, 2011

Jason is definitely a man of few words, and that makes him a lonely man, and why not say sad ...
When he began to communicate with the girl, even though by this poster this already changed him a lot, however if Stacey had not taken the first step, maybe that conversation never happened, certain people don't speak not because they don't want, in some cases they don't do by simple shyness, and everything what they need is someone come and say "HI".

Very nice Video... =D

bruna said

at 12:26 am on Jul 1, 2011

Jason is a lonely man, that lives a boring and tedious life. He has no friends or family around to tell his problems or just to talk about nothing. He has a boring job where nobody cares or conversation with each other. He is interested about the people around him but it is as if he were invisible, no one saw him.When the girl of the other building notes him, he is ashamed. She starts trying to talk to him in the way it is possible, for paper. These cool conversations that theh had probably started a beautiful relationship. The conversation is always good.
Ps: This video is really cute!

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