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Page history last edited by Luciana Caldeira 10 years, 6 months ago

Hi guys,


I've been following your conversations in the forums till (or until, Jaime) now and I have to say you are living up to my expectations! Again, this page is yours, not mine. I think we found a way to break the walls of our classroom and the time we spend studying English.


Have you ever thought about how useful it is now for you? What is something you would be losing if you hadn't started studying this language?


Well, this is one question you can answer in this forum, but I have another topic for our discussion now.


At first, I thought we could only use subjects that interested you, but life is not that funny, is it?

After the horrible event in a school in Rio de Janeiro, when a 24 year-old man invaded a school and shot many children killing 12 of them, I thought we could have a little discussion about that.


So, first of all, I would appreciate if you could watch the video below: New Boy



Now, try to answer the questions:


Who is Joseph and where is he from?

What is the teacher like and how does she discipline the children?

What do the maths exercise remind Joseph of? What happened to his father?

How does Joseph react to Christian bullying him in the classroom? And in the playground? Why?

How do children usually react to bullying?

Why do Joseph, Christian and Seth end up laughing together?

What is the message of the film?


I'll build this page slowly, I have another slide to post, but let's first talk about the video.



If possible try to write sentences using the grammar contents we have been studying:

  • Noun clauses after mental activity verbs (think, believe, guess, agree...)
  • Conditionals


Thanks again for your participation

Comments (28)

Davi Ângelo do Rêgo Negreiros said

at 6:18 pm on Apr 14, 2011

* ´He´s from africa i guess so,not from asia I´m sure
*She is like any other 6-12 children´s regular teachers...Borning theacher.
*Joseph reminded his father,he wass murdered by the military guy with an AK
*He reacted with an defensive coup,can be an finger lock in Jiu-Jitsu (just kidding there is no finger lock just arm lock)
*Shine and afraid to counter strike,but he fougt like a real men.
*For the little girl called the teacher a bitch.
*Is better have a friend than an enemy,doesn`t metter the collor you can be friend and know how to fight,you never know when you`ll need it,bui if needs better to be prepared.

Ana Isabel Mansur said

at 9:39 pm on Apr 15, 2011

- Joseph is the newest boy in the class and I agree with Davi, he is not from Asia, hahahahaha, so I guess he's from Africa.
- The teacher is very iron-bound and she disciplines the children by saying them to put their arms up.
- The maths exercises reminds Joseph of his father, who had been murdered.
- In the classroom, Joseph does not reacted to Christian's bullyng, he just denied it. And in the playground, he reacted holdind Christian's finger very tight. I guess JOseph didn't react in the classroom because he was afraid of teacher's reaction, because she was very hard.
- Children usually don't tell their parents or teachers about bullyng because of the fear of rejection.
- The boys end up laughing together because they realised that one enemy in commom made them friends, besides of what the blonde girl called the teacher.
- The film have shown us that is better make different friends and find out what make we laugh together than fight with them because they don't see us in a good way.

Raianne LC said

at 10:29 pm on Apr 15, 2011

* Joseph is the black guy. He is the new boy at the classroom. I don't know where he's from, but I know he was very pour.
* The teacher is very strict, and she disciplanes her students saying to them to rise their hands up when they're very noisy.
* Joseph reminded when his father teaching him math. The father was murder.
* At the class, Joseph didn't do anything. But, at playground, when Christian was bothering him, he hold Christian's finger and his look said Joseph didn't want to fight, but he would, if it's necessary.
* Much children stay quiet, without telling their parents what's happing. And then they become more and more shy.
* They laughed 'cause the girl was joking, asking so many questions, to the teacher. And that was so funny!
* The movie said even if you don't like someone at the first sign, or even if the person is so different from you, you two can be friends and laugh together.

Laís Gomes said

at 12:18 am on Apr 16, 2011

Joseph is a negro boy and I believe that he is from Africa. The teacher seems good, but I think she has a different method of keeping the children under her domain. And, in some part of the video, this method appears very hard.

The math exercise reminds to Joseph those moments when he studied with his father which used to be his teacher, who had been murdered.

I think Joseph’s reaction was correct when he denied the bulling, and in the playground he just showed for the Christian that he wanted respect. I believe that if the teacher was friendlier, Joseph would talk to her about what happened.

During bullying is more common the person move away from other people. Sometimes children don't react to bullying in the same moment that it happens, however they keep their feelings and possibly will react to it at another time.

I agree with you guys. And I think when we are suffering bullying, we should ignore it and act in a rational manner, and always show our value independently of ours differences, whatever they may be.



at 6:57 pm on Apr 20, 2011

Hello everybody!
About learning English...

I think my life couldn’t be so expressive without English! My work don’t forces me to know English, I don’t have to use it there. But, even when I started studying English, I felt like a new world was opened in front of me! To say that it´s not to exaggerate because English is a most important language today, and who know English have more than possibilities in career, learning many other things, abroad trips, watching movies, tv series, listening music. I feel like I have more to explore and it gives me wishes to learn more languages. Three years ago I host an american couple and showed them our city! It was amazing because I was able to talk to them, explain many things about Brasília City and translate them to others… But, of course, was an informal meetings and I translated them to friends of mine (my friends was so patient to wait my slow translation!). But, anyway, was a wonderful experience to show me that my English classes was making progress; different from that I thought!


at 6:58 pm on Apr 20, 2011

About video…

Teacher! You made me cry a lot! I know the discussion is about bullying, but I was really touched because what´s happened with Joseph´s father...

1- Joseph is an black guy and he is from Africa.
2- That teacher found some strange way to discipline her students. When she thinks they are making much noise or mess she tells them to put their hands up and keep quiet.
3- Joseph remember his father, because he was his Math teacher, and in the video they looked very close. His father died, he was shut in front of Joseph...
4- He reacted with a violence, holding his finger; looking in his eyes with angry, in a seriously way to command respect.
5- They was laughing because the girl was trying to tell teacher that she had seeing what had happened with guys at break time an teacher didn´t want to hear her an she called a techer bitch; after that other guy told something and Joseph mimicked teacher and they laughed together.
6- The message of that video is: bullying is a kind of thing that person who do this doesn´t think about what they are doing. There is an insane act that offends anyone without unless knowing that person. In this video whe can see that guy who is bullying Joseph did it just becouse he wants! Without some good reason! At the end they laught together showing that bullying maybe can avoid that some good relacionship grous up.


at 7:00 pm on Apr 20, 2011

(CONTINUATION because the number of characters!)

Children normaly react to bullying staying quiet and not telling to somebody what´s happening. They cry alone and stay away from everbody in the classrom, in the playgound, in the meal time and normaly they flee to do group work, they prefer does it by themselves, alone. It causes many damages in the kids formation of personality and in the learning of living together.

I agree with the best react of bullying is to ignore. If they react, they will deal beter with these problem. But it´s easy to say, when the person who is suffering bullying (especially kids) he or she normaly be sad and think about what is wrong with themselves; they believes they are different and believes it´s bad! There´s why students need being followed by parents, teachers, to notice what´s happening and what to do if bullying already had started. Unfortunately, that things always happens with child. A good way to combat is... At home, parents HAVE to show to their kids to respect everyone instead race, social position or whatever! At school, teachers have notice child acts and don’t permit offensive jokes.

Júlia Contaifer said

at 10:16 pm on Apr 24, 2011

1. Joseph is the new boy in the class, and I believe he´s from Africa ( lol at I´m sure he´s not from Asia xD)
2.The teacher seems rigorous, she has a way to discipline the children by saying to them put their hands up, but in the end you can see she´s a good person.
3. Math reminds Joseph of his dad who was murded by some militar group
4.He seems just to ignore Christian most of the time, but at the playground Joseph holded Christian finger showing that wasn´t his intention to start a fight but if it was necessary he would react.
I think this diference in the way to react was because the teacher wasn´t there to stop Christian if he tried something and because Joseph said to her that he wouldn´t pull his finger again.
5. Most of the children stay quiet about what´s hapening, suffer in silence and become very shy.
6. They end laughing together because the girl called the teacher bitch ( I left very hard when she said that it was a private conversation )
7. You can become friend of people very different from you, sometimes people you would never imagine. And that you have to look for good sides in someone, I mean you need to
look for what you have in common and not for what´s different.
Ps: what was that at 1:16- 1:23?!?!?...


at 3:20 pm on Apr 25, 2011

Teacher, I need your corrections! :)

Mayara said

at 10:37 pm on Apr 25, 2011

* Joseph’s a black boy from Africa.
* I guess she’s such a hard and mad person, exactly how a teacher shouldn’t be. She has a ridiculous way to discipline the children that obviously don’t work, the kids keep doing the things over and over again because pressure and “hands up” aren’t the right way to teach kids.
* Joseph reminds of his father and also that Joseph’s father was a great teacher because he used to teach with love and this makes the learning much better and interesting. His father was murder by a military group.
* I think Joseph reacted right about what Christian was doing with him but then Joseph noticed that what he did wasn't enough to make Christian stay back so he acted with violence on the playground by holding Christian's finger even tighter.
* Children usually stay in silence, shy and really sad. Sometime they react with violence.
* First of all, everybody thinks just like that girl but none dared to do that. And then they realize that the whole class hates the teacher and this could be a common between them.
* Even if you are different (color, place that you came from…) you can always find something in common that can put you together and just laugh, have fun. You don’t need to agree 100% with someone, just find a small thing.

Morgana Bennett said

at 11:43 am on Apr 26, 2011

1- Joseph is from Africa.
2- I think is a severity British school. The teacher ask for the students put the arms in the air every time, to recept the new student, when they make something wrong, for example.
3- He remind when he learn maths with his father, and shows how happy he is. Some guys came and take his father with a gun.
4- At the class, Joseph didn't do anything, I think his reacted right about what Christian was doing with him. But, at playground, when Christian was bothering him, he hold Christian's finger and his look said Joseph didn't want to fight, but he would.
5- They usually don’t say what is happening, and they stay more quiet e shy.
6- They laugh because of the girl said to the teacher, and she was making a lot of questions. The blonde girl was funny!
7- The film shows that you'll be friends with anyone independence of physical differences.

Nathália Melo said

at 9:20 pm on Apr 26, 2011

#Joseph is a new boy in the classroom, and I guess he is from Africa.
#The teacher is a severity person who wants the class organized.She disciplines the children asking for them pit their hands in the air when they made something wrong.
#The maths exercises reminds Joseph from when his father teached that for him.Joseph's father was killed by some guys, probably a military group.
#At first moment he does not care wiith de offenses,but then he tried to broke Christian's finger.
#First of all they try to does not care with it or they do not tell to somebody what is happening.
#Because the blond girl said the teacher was a Bitch.
#The color of your skin do not say what you are.Who just saw the exterior,can not saw the beautiful person inside.

Lucas Rodrigues Silva said

at 12:03 am on Apr 27, 2011

1- He is a new student in a class, he's probably from Africa.
2- She is authoritarian. With stupids methods of 'raising hands' etc..
3- Maths remind him of his father, tha probably was a teahcer. He was probably murdered.
4- He doesn't react at first. Later he defends himself. He holds Christian by the finger, to defend himself again (?).
5- Normally they fill afraid and scared. Then the person starts to get angry. Finally they 'blow up' and probably express his wrath.
6- Because of what the girl said.
7- It doesn't matter how physically you are but who you are.

Lucas Rodrigues Silva said

at 12:04 am on Apr 27, 2011

*2- that

Lucas Rodrigues Silva said

at 12:08 am on Apr 27, 2011

*2- teacher
*5- (omg WTS#!t did I write ? :O) it's 'feel', not 'fil'l kkk
*7- [...] you are physically

wandrieli said

at 5:54 pm on Apr 27, 2011

This video show a quiet and shy boy that comes from Africa and suffered bullying, he has a authoritarian teacher that helps him when the other children fight him.

Some topics about the video:

1- Joseph is an black boy from Africa that suffered bullying.
2- That teacher helps him and has a several discipline with her students.
3- the boy always remember his father, because he was a good man and his Math teacher,.
4- There is a girl that help and like him.

Rebecca said

at 6:56 pm on Apr 27, 2011

- Joseph is a new boy in the class, I think he's from Africa.
- The teacher is a primary teacher, in this class she is teaching math. She asks attention every time, and she is a little authoritarian.
- The math's exercise remind his father and his old school. His father was murdered, probably by militia men.
- In the classroom he doesn't react until Christian exceeds the limits, after he holds Christian's finger. In the playground he holds Christian's finger after Christian pushed him, but he doesn't fight, he just keeps looking Christian. I think he doesn't fight, because his father was murdered with violence, and he doesn't like this.
- Some children react with violence, and some others react staying away and being sad, because they're afraid.
- They end up laughing together becausa a girl, another classmate, says some things about the teacher and Seth also says something about her.
- The message means that even if they are small things, and that no matter how much people are different, they have something in common, and it makes people stay together and accept each other.

bruna said

at 12:59 am on Apr 28, 2011

Joseph is the black new student that suffers bulling at school.
The teacher is rigorous and teach the children making they put their hands up. (physical )
The math's exercises reminds his father, his old school, his old friends and his happiness. Hs father was murdered but I don't understood why.
In the classroom and in the break Joseph reacts to Christian bulling pushing his finger and hurting. I think that's the only way to protect his self that he knows.
Most part of children reacts not telling nothing to adults, being sad and being alone, but some of them reacts fighting.
In the end they laugh together because one classmate say something funny about the teacher, maybe a bulling.
The film show a children reality and show that the children can live happy if they stop to judge and make fun other classmates because they are different. Be different is normal and cool.

Grazielle Teles said

at 2:10 pm on Apr 28, 2011

Who is Joseph and where is he from?
~ Joseph is a new classmate, I think he’s from Africa.
What is the teacher like and how does she discipline the children?
~ The teacher is very stiff and she says to the students to put their hands up to discipline them.
What do the maths exercise remind Joseph of? What happened to his father?
~ Joseph reminds his father, that was his teacher. He was murdered by gunmen that look alike soldiers or military.
How does Joseph react to Christian bullying him in the classroom? And in the playground? Why?
~ In the classroom, he feels troubled, but doesn’t do anything. In the playground, he remembers his father, so, the reaction is more aggressive. He takes the Christian’s finger and holds it very tight.
How do children usually react to bullying?
~ Children stay low self-esteem, sad and depressed. Sometimes, they can be violent with the other children. In most cases, they have or will have psychological problems and have to do treatments to improve it.
Why do Joseph, Christian and Seth end up laughing together?
~ The little (and cute) blond girl said the teacher is a bitch. So, the children realize they can laugh for the same thing.
What is the message of the film?
~ We are not different because the skin color or nationality. We can laugh for the same things, regardless we are physically different.

Jaime said

at 11:47 pm on Apr 28, 2011

Sorry teacher, I confused about the mean of still and till xD.
About the video, Joseph is one child from Africa, I don't have sure but because of his memories of the oldest mathematics teacher (his father), the class and the music, I believe that he's from Africa. On video he is the "New Boy", the new classmate.
I guess she's paranoiac or maybe she don't know how take care children. The maths exercise remind his father because his father touch mathematics for him, unfortunately Joseph's father was killed. When Christian bullying him, he took his finger so he reacted with some "violence" . In playground he took Christian's finger again, and Christian ask to him if he will fight or not , he just saw to Christian's eyes and the teacher arrived, I think that he reacted because Christian shook on his oldest memories, sad memories. Normally, Children use the violence when they suffer bullying. In end everyone was laughing together because the girl said that teacher was a bitch, Joseph remembered the good moments with his father too. I guess the video pass the message that you first need to know how is the person instead you bullying. The bullying normally occurs because you don't try be a good person or be friendly with the new person that you see. So, Let's try stay in place on the person that suffer bullying and when you do that you will see what the person suffers and you never will do bullying with others. The differences compose the world xD.

Mercaldi said

at 12:10 am on Apr 29, 2011

1 - He is the new guy and i guess he is the only black guy in his class. I don't know what country but was very poor Place!!!
2 - She seems to be a good teacher, her method is little harsh but it works...
3 - He remembers his father, who was killed by a man who appears to obey orders from the government...
4 - First of all he lied to teacher as nothing happened, but afther he took Christian finger and show he can fight if it necessary...
5 - Children usually stay quiet, sad, angry. some people react with violence.
6 - Because of what the girl said.
7 - Don't judge people without knowing them, independent of their skin color or where it came from, sometimes they have more in common with you than you imagine...

Laís Gomes said

at 12:55 am on Apr 29, 2011

I saw a lot of films and videos about bullying, but this video is very good. It shows a different way of solving these problems.

Victor Ferreira said

at 12:52 am on Apr 30, 2011

1. Joseph is a new student in the class, he's black, and he's probably from Africa.
2. The teacher is strict, she uses harsh methods to discipline the children, like telling them to raise their arms up.
3. The maths exercise reminded him of the way he used to learn maths in school with his father. His father was killed by men who looked like soldiers.
4. Joseph reacted very brutely, holding Christian's finger, and then again in the playground. I believe Joseph was used to brutality, since he apparently came from a dangerous place.
5. Commonly, children do not react with violence, they get sad, angry, but normally don't tell anyone about it.
6. A bond is created between them because of a common enemy, the teacher.
7. Appearances can be deceiving. Do not make pre-judgements, sometimes the one you believe to be your enemy might end up being a friend.

bruna said

at 1:10 am on May 1, 2011

Teacher I just heard a phrase that reminds me our discussion: "We are different on the outside but bleed the same way".

Raianne LC said

at 3:33 pm on May 1, 2011

Hey, what make us different make us beautiful, yeah? - This is from Penelope's movie.

Thais said

at 7:39 pm on May 1, 2011

I haven't seen this topic, sorry, I've been too busy (and sick) but I'm back now.

1. Who is Joseph and where is he from?
Well, I think Joseph is from Africa, but I'm not sure. He's the newest boy in the classroom, son of a dead teacher.

2. What is the teacher like and how does she discipline the children?
I agree with my classmates the teacher is severe, but not too much and I believe she doesn't show affection to their children, even if she likes them. She disciplines them asking them to raise their hands when they're noisy.

3. What do the maths exercise remind Joseph of? What happened to his father?
I think the maths exercise reminds him of his father. His father was killed.

4. How does Joseph react to Christian bullying him in the classroom? And in the playground? Why?
First Joseph doens't show any reaction and then he takes Christian's finger and Christian falls. In the playground Joseph shows to Christian and his friends that he was not afraid of them. I don't think Joseph is agressive as some of my classmates said. I think his father's death memory makes him decide not to fight. He took Christian's finger to show him that he didn't like to have any fight but wanted some respect. He could have pushed Christian as Christian tried to do, but he decided that it wasn't the best thing to do.

5. How do children usually react to bullying?
Children often stay quiet and don't react to their "enemy". They lie when asked about it and don't tell anyone.

6. Why do Joseph, Christian and Seth end up laughing together?
They starts to laugh because the little girl calls their teacher "Bitch".

7. What is the message of the film?
If you do pre-judgements of someone, you can lose a chance to discover a new friend. We're all equal, no matter where you are from or your skin color.

Heloísa Ravena said

at 12:36 am on May 2, 2011

1- He is a black guy, who just arrive at a new school. Joseph had came of a poor place, probably Africa.
2 - When the students are really agitated , she asks them to raise their hands. She is severe in her actions and words.
3 - The boy reminds of his father who had teached him math.The father was murdered.
4 - In the first provocations he did not make anything. After some of it he decided to react and hurt the finger of his classmate two times. It happened because he needed to defend himself and he perceived that boy stopped when he caught his finger because Christian was afraid. I agree with Taís.
5 - Normally, they don't say any to a person who will do anything to change the situation and they suffer a lot, because they can not defend theirself.
6 -Because the girl called their theacher "bitch", and probably they want to do the same.
7 -Everybodyl are equal, all have feelings and have as purpose to be happy.

Julia da Silva said

at 6:26 pm on May 3, 2011

Well, everybody said these things, but let's go...
At first, Joseph is a black guy, new at the school and he is from a poor country, probably, in Africa. The teacher is severe and her metodos are a little ancient but I agree with Julia: she is a good person and she likes her students but she takes care to doesn't show this to them. When the teacher teaches the match exercises, Joseph reminded his father doing the same thing. His father was murder. At first, Joseph stay quiet and doesn't react but then, Joseph take Christian's hand when he was going to hurt him. I totally agree with Thais and Heloisa: Joseph isn't agressive because his experince with his father's death taught to him that violence just causes sadness and destruction. He takes Christian' hand to show that ihe is not afraid and to dhow that he could hurt Christian too, but he wouldn't do this. Every child has a way to react to bullyng. Some childern do nothing, others react with violence, it's a hard question to answer. At the end, the three boys laugh because the girls calls the teacher "bitch". Well, the message of the video can be resumed in the phrase that Bruna said: "We are different on the outside but bleed the same way". We are equal like humans and our diferences have to put us together and not to separate us. I agree with Thais again: how many oportunities we had to make friends and to knom incredible people and we just waste them because the person seemed strange?

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