Master 1

Welcome to Master 1 - PBworks


This is a real workspace! Here you'll get angaged with your classmates and students from another Master 1 class at Pró-Línguas so that we get to interact with everybody building a Learning Network.


This is a first experience and do not think of Luciana as the teacher. I'm going to be here suggesting activities, moderating, participating, but I do not know everything and will be learning together with you. I hope we can get the best from this work and really improve our knowledge and abilities in English learning.


This is not the only thing we are doing this semester, we will also have to work with Top Notch text and workbook and I will upload some extra activities that you can access here if you think it is necessary. Remember, an important concept and ability we should develop here, is autonomy. The most you study the better, so it is up to you, how far do you want to go?


We are supposed to:


Well, this is what I think you are supposed to do, but as I said, we are partners here, so what do you think we are supposed to do? Click in EDIT above and include at least one suggestion:



 Go to the Assignments page, to check new activities.


Need Help? We're here for you:



Hi all,

Here's the video I mentioned in Friday's class. It's very funny!!! Just to reLAX!!!!